2034-03-03 1700UTC Meet the Board

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Event: 2034-03-03 1700UTC Meet the Board

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

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DQE, Jake, Icky, Sutton, Tank, Genie, Dan, Willow, Storm, Droo Genetek


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On This Day

The morning started cold, bright, and calm. It didn't last.


Refreshed and healing, the team met before the board meeting to go over their approach to dealing with the PD and Genetek.They realized that Willow would have no value as a political piece in the maneuvering that was about to start. Instead of revealing Miranda / Meridian, they chose to backfill her new identity as Willow, who worked under Miranda.


Storm still in the air on her way to the meeting, provided a little advice on how to proceed.

Sanjay guided them to the board room, noting some of the GMO projects underway on the 500km2 Testing grounds. A small herd of mammoths are a showpiece.


At noon, they were shown in to the board room. The large lunch buffet looked and smelled delicious. As the chair of the board - Manwë - walked toward them, the first missiles struck the building. The reinforced glass and stucture was strong enough to take the first hit, but the second and third devastated the room and some of the occupants. The team were not badly harmed, in part because the missiles were targeted away from them.

They fled back the way they came in, taking the stairs town as missiles continued to hammer the building. By the time they reached the ground floor the building was sagging enough to expose underground - dare I say secret levels to the building. The team elected to make a break for the plane, Chewie.

In short order they determined that the rival corporation that launched the missile strike on the Genetek board room wa, ultimately taking town the entire head office building. The party were able to get themselves painted green in the enemy IFF - for the first wave of attackers. The second wave did not fall for Droo's hack and opened fire. Sutton took the brunt of the first rounds fired, and he ...changed.

For a few seconds, Sutton became a blazing, searing plasma torch, hot enough to melt though enemy Military Combat Armour as he blazed through hundreds of them. The death toll was awful enough to cause the enemy to run for cover.

Sutton passed out. Tank sprinted in, grabbed him, and joined the others on Chewie. As soon as you get on the plane it jammed the throttle and blasted you all into the sky. It was quite interested in a destination, what with the traffic control IA making increasingly unhappy noises about the unregistered flight.

Sutton's vital signs are OK, and his temperature seems quite normal. he is naked and his blood sugar is low. Oh, and his skin colour is a bit lighter than it was just a few hours ago.

Willow speculated that the energy was somehow stored from absorbing the radiation during the moonscape protocol. She would be vastly interested in how. She would have been attending to Sutton (no jokes here) to ensure he is safe and unharmed (or helping if he's harmed). I assume she has medical tools to do this as a doctor. If he's stable, she'd go further and inspect specifically the mitochondrial organelles as these are the ones most heavily modified by her understanding. She would scan him with whatever is used currently, and compare to scans that where taken at the BURF and look for changes.

"guys, we need a destination. Tank found me a nice little mine we can use and I REALLY just want to get away from getting shot at; if you don't have a better idea, that's where I'm going to tell Chewie to go"

While the idea of a continuous flying mobile lab / base is cool, willow isn't a fan of a base that can be destroyed by a single anti aircraft missile

Willow rolled to isolate and analyse the mitochondrial replacement (difficulty 6)

The MITOtech organelle is unlike any synthetic biology you have encountered. It uses two new base pairs (you can name them). This vastly expanded genetic code produces structures you've never seen before. They appear to add transuranic elements to a crystalline nano-structured material inside the organelle. This is definitely getting into computational biology and weird physics.

(and, as an aside, we would start working through our to do lists if the GR doesn't keep blowing up places that we rest for more than 15 minutes...)

Droo said, "I think that being able to gather our wits without having splody bits raining around us for 24 hours might actually bit a bit of a fun and relaxing change."

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