2034-03-03 1500LT Wave 1 Colonists Arrive

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Event: 2034-03-03 1500LT Wave 1 Colonists Arrive

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

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Characters Locations
Q, Mycroft, China, NC Luna Alpha

Archer's Arrow

  • Command Structure Lost
Caused By Cause Of
On This Day

Packed to the rafters and at the very edge of the life support capacities, the passengers from Archer's Arrow have arrived. Unfortunately, they have arrived in an actual dump of people and stuff, strewn across the lunar landscape around the spaceport. About half of the pods were able to drop into the linear accelerator, to get stacked up for processing inside the spaceport. These pods represent 90% of the 10000 new colonists - leaving 1000 people outside in what amounts to shitty death bubbles.

A massive rescue effort from the citizens saved them all - but processing of the new colonists was problematic.

What qualities are considered suspicious?

  • Cybernetics? Unusual quantity/quality, and recognition of callsigns for the CC.
  • Genetics? DQE, Post Darwinists

Captain Xin Liu was a familiar voice in space traffic control. She had checked in every four days for the better part of a year, bringing supplies and people to the colony. Normally the communication started with formalities and an exchange of data - manifests and planned trajectories for the cargo and people being dropped off and launched up. Normally the Jade Rabbit Warren was not under attack by the Grenadier Guard, however.

Susan Jensen and Xin had become friendly over the past months, to the extent that Xin was spending her vacation in Luna Alpha in May.

Susan Jensen stood on the the LAS tower with rock solid unflappable calm that could only be achieved with thirty years air traffic control in peace and in war combined with functional ADHD. The Air Force and Space Corp psychs had spouted a lot of mumbo about how her nervous system was tuned for blah blah boring gimme the job! Space traffic control at LAS was usually far too calm for her - so much so that she'd had to take her stims to keep focus on most shifts. Not today: she'd just guided a dozen birds past enemy fire. That sort of think tended to keep her sharp. The new problem was a conversation with the Captain of the Chinese conveyer asteroid - the Archer's Arrow. Susan wasn't part of the command structure for the attack, but she was very sure that there was no way to say, "Hey, Xin, we're blowing up your base rn lol" under these circumstances. She was also certain that Xin was a free thinker compared to the Chinese norm, and that there was a chance they could find common ground.

Susan opened the channel to the asteroid. "Archer's Arrow, this is Luna Alpha Spaceport. Initial high-G cargo drops are in line for smooth landing. What's the status on passengers?" The people had been jammed into cargo pods and launched from every spaceport that could make rendezvous with the Arrow when the aliens started appearing.

There was an abnormally long pause before the Captain appeared. Her avatar was IRL fidelity, what with their direct connection and close distance. Low G did not flatter her round, flat face, but nothing could conceal the terror she was holding in check. Xin's voice was completely calm when she said, "We have passengers loading for launch now."

Susan knew the schedule: it had been planned days before. She knew that look too. "Copy," she said calmly. Looping her feed out to the Arrow to show her studying manifests, she said, "Silent red alert. This is going to be a very bad run."

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