2034-03-03 1500LT Wave 1 Colonists Arrive

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Event: 2034-03-03 1500LT Wave 1 Colonists Arrive

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

Characters Locations
Q, Mycroft, China, NC Luna Alpha

Archer's Arrow

  • Command Structure Lost
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Packed to the rafters and at the very edge of the life support capacities, the passengers fron Archer's Arrow have arrived. Unfortunately, they have arrived in an actual dump of people and stuff, strewn across the lunar landscape around the spaceport. About half of the pods were able to drop into the linear accelerator, to get stacked up for processing inside the spaceport. These pods represent 80% of the 1000 new colonists - leaving 800 people outside in what amounts to shitty death bubbles.

...A rescue effort may be needed.

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