2034-03-02 1135LT Turns out terrorst attacks can be quite effective

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Event: 2034-03-02 1135LT Turns out terrorst attacks can be quite effective

Scenario: Prelude to War

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Dr. Fong, Mycroft, Yùtù Luna Alpha

Jade Rabbit Warren

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As terrorist actions go, random frothing death was pretty effective at unsettling the population. When this was followed by random "There was a pop and then Geoff's head sort of bulged and a lot of stuff jetted out of his ears and eyes and I'm covered in it because he sleeps on his back and oh god oh god oh god..." Well, the population is freaking out. Also, a LOT of people are arriving at the Luna Alpha Spaceport at 1500LT. That's gonna be tricky.

For the few who know that Mycroft was infiltrated by Yutu there's another level of fear.

For the fewer who know that Mycroft's word as a self-goram-aware AI is the only evidence for the infiltration being cleared there's ANOTHER level of fear.

For the tiny group who know that you're also building an army of space orcs on the word of a mad fucking Chinese fucking scientis the level of discomfort is approaching that which the new colonists will feel as their bodies are purged and repopulated.

...did I say that out loud?

I did. I did said that out loud. Thumb and all.


I added a limitation to Dr. Fong called "Horror Factor" that needs vetting by you. It is NOT a dictum from the GR. It's a suggestion that I think fits with your character - but that we can discuss.


I didn't do the 'who died' distribution during the session. Because, i dunno, timing and rye? Here's the thing. Fong's -2 means 8 dead people in his team. Of 9. With 2 dead already. Er. So the whole team was targeted, but not with the same attack vectors - or they were attacked with both but the bugs were mostly consumed.

@Munderhay, your team is dead. All of them. We will find a way to use those liberated Refresh, but for now, Gen2 is the last set of Thuls you're going to be able to make. You can continue to crank out Gen1 and Gen2 at a linear rate - but with your whole team 'splodyheading your ability to deliver on you commitments to the NC - and to your Higher Power - has been severely limited.


The Royal Guard lost 16 soldiers. Four were soldiers of one stripe or another, reducing the force to 88. The twelve support staff who died were vastly more damaging to Luna Alpha defenses: they were members of the tech teams supporting TALOS and TAHOS training and battle prep. A day ago the Royal Guard was able to suit up 4 n00bs with ease - and with 4x capacity to spare. After 1000LT they'll barely be able to suit up one TALOS at a time. One TALOS per 10-20 minutes.

That? That's not good.

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