2034-03-02 1000LT Splitting Headache

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Event: 2034-03-02 1000LT Splitting Headache

Scenario: Prelude to War

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Characters Locations
Dale, Dr. Fong, Kevin, Syd, Dex, Kevin Luna Alpha
Caused By Cause Of
On This Day

68 boomfly drones deliver a small explosive charge to the base of the skull of humans. 956 birds, spiders, frogs, and other insectivores explode at the same time.

The remainder of Dr. Fong’s team are killed. It is messy.

16 Royal Guard were killed, even in their armour. The flies got inside. Dale was not vulnerable since he has not been out of the suit since before the drones were released.

Inside Umbra, Syd apprehended the deaths with clinical detachment and some appreciation. As a keystone species – according to Mycroft – the pattern of murders was somewhat reassuring. The passionate argument between Mycroft and Dale was another matter entirely. It started off disturbing. When half a dozen people's heads flexed and then shot blood and gore from ears and eyes… Well, then it got uncomfortable.

This meant that Syd was more than a little surprised and upset when a boomfly fell to the ground at his feet in Umbra when he set up for a private conversation with Kevin. They found a poison mosquito on the floor too, blocked by his cloaking field.

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