2034-03-02 0900LT Waking Up Dead

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Event: 2034-03-02 0900LT Waking Up Dead

Scenario: Prelude to War

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Characters Locations
Mycroft, Kevin, Dr. Fong, Kevin, Dex, Syd Luna Alpha
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On This Day

At 9AM, the mosquito drones delivered their nerve agent payload. Mycroft immediately reported over 100 casualties, including several Royal Guards and two of Fong’s team. The whole of the city was immediately locked down as if the biosphere was exposed to vacuum. This (Building codes require every home and building must be able to seal against vacuum.)

Just over 90% of them were consumed, so 918 birds, spiders, frogs, and other insectivores died at the same time 105 humans died. Only one human survived the poison: Dr. Fong. Two of his nine member team fell over dead, frothing at the mouth and oozing mucus from every orifice.

In the Thul lab, Fong and the remaining gengineers dressed in biohazard suits with some haste.

Although the physical space is essentially empty of people, virtual space is a mad mob. The Duchess started a town hall to try to contain the panic. Mycroft (with some help from Syd?) identified the

Dr. Fong escaped death by nerve agent by dint of extreme paranoid preparation. Also, not the first time someone tried to kill him with something like Sarin. Two of his team died from the same toxin. Five Royal Guard didn't wake up from their shifts. By 0902LT one hundred and six people were dead, lying in puddles of bloody, oozing goo (mucosa in overdrive). Only Dr. Fong survived.

With his insight into the nature of the poison, Mycroft and several scientists from LAU (Luna Alpha University) were able to isolate the nerve agent. Syd (with yet another grant of access from Dale) established that the targets were leaders, decision makers, soldiers, and medical doctors. No one directly or indirectly associated with maintaining the ecosystem was targeted.

The population went into lockdown. Every room of every building in the colony was designed to be airtight in an emergency. With martial law and over 100 dead from a mystery plague, the citizens went to ground with haste.

Lab lockdown, biohazard suits on Drone vector discovered. Several Royal Guards die in their racks.

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