2034-03-02 0700LT Smoothing Over The Horror

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Event: 2034-03-02 0700LT Smoothing Over The Horror

Scenario: Prelude to War

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Characters Locations
Dex, Fong, Kevin, Smith Boeing Lunar Ultraviolet Research Facility
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At the request of Ms. Smith, Dex made his way to Dr. Fong's lab. From Fong's point of view everything is working nicely. From Dex's point of view it’s a clusterfuck of clashing cultures. He smoothed it all over, despite the horrifying monstrosities growing in Fong's lab. (He took some mental stress just for being in the room.)

Fong, who was charmed by Dex, bragged about the capabilities of Gen 1 and Gen 2 Thuls. The digestive attackers were disturbing. The zombificationers were horrifying. The platelets? Bizarre and discomfiting.

Dex's intercession really makes things run more smoothly. Between his charming manner and his command of Chinese and NC culture, he is able to bridge the divide and make the whole operation function smoothly again.

Kevin, keeping an eye on Fong and Dex, noted their meeting. His horror at the grotesque creations growing in the lab was mitigated by a grisly past, similar present, and guilt (his Trouble). It was ugly - but the things he has seen and done...

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