2034-03-02 0400LT Political Leverage

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Event: 2034-03-02 0400LT Political Leverage

Scenario: Prelude to War

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Characters Locations
Kevin, Ms. Smith, Dex, Syd Boeing Lunar Ultraviolet Research Facility

Luna Alpha


Caused By Cause Of
On This Day

Kevin dealt with Ms. Smith’s attempt to put him at a disadvantage.

With significant assistance from Dex and Syd, Kevin was able to slip past the leverage Ms. Smith was trying to hold over him. It took a lot of effort, though, and neither was happy about helping the big man.

After all that, he went to Umbra for breakfast.

GR Note: There were a LOT of dice rolls here. Separate narrative is under development and will be added.

Syd provides Kevin with metadata about Ms. Smith's operations.

  • Dex - Get me outta here (Clever)
  • Syd - Where No-One EVER Knows Your Name (Sneaky) and Lace bonus to assist Kevin

Kevin determined that:

  • 653 people, matrix.
  • suspected or known operatives of the CC
  • military tech, augmentation information, stealth tech, known operations
  • packaged up , given to dale, syd, aurora smith (yesterday)

18 CC agents on or scheduled to arrive on the moon

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