2034-03-02 0100LT Revelations

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Event: 2034-03-02 0100LT Revelations

Scenario: Prelude to War

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Characters Locations
Syd, Dale, Kevin, Royal Guard, INCIS Luna Alpha

Boeing Lunar Ultraviolet Research Facility

Caused By Cause Of
On This Day

Syd worked as an analyst for Dale at Kevin's recommendation.

Syd's work was top notch, despite the isolated, read only, no-storage, heavily redacted limitations on the data he was given. He was on his way to "TOP UNTRUSTED ANALYST" status when Kevin and Ms. Smith had a showdown a few hours later.

Kevin and Syd were privy to a massive INCIS data dump about the Cyborg Collective and other transhumanist sects.

When the whole dataset is analysed it seems certain that most of Earth's problems – TH sects, religions, MNCs, countries, political leanings – most of them are being exported to the moon.

Collectively they determined that there are 8 CC operatives on Luna, and 10 more on the way. (Initial determination was 8-12 in each case.)

Dale, working with InfoSec and Ops for the Royal Guard and INCIS, realized that if there is one TH sect or MNC or political party sending agents to Luna, then it is almost certain that they are all sending operatives or sympathizers. The potential for thousands of Chinese sympathizers and agents incoming has put a serious kink in his catheter.

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