2034-03-01 1900LT Release the Drones

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Event: 2034-03-01 1900LT Release the Drones

Scenario: Prelude to War

Characters Locations
Mycroft, Yùtù Luna Alpha


Jade Rabbit Warren

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With Mycroft distracted, the activation of several thousand tiny drones went unnoticed. They each sought out a preprogrammed target. There were 1024 mosquito sized drones with a potent nerve agent, and another 1024 housefly sized drones with an explosive charge. Their targets were senior decision makers, military personnel, and their support staff. The 90-95% attrition rate on the drones was not accounted for in the Chinese planning. The ones meant for the Duchess, Ms. Smith, Dex, and Kevin did not make it to their targets.

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