2034-03-01 1200EST AIs Moot to decide the fate of Miranda and Jade

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Event: 2034-03-01 1200EST AIs Moot to decide the fate of Miranda and Jade

Scenario: Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness

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Google, Mycroft, IOTAI, Ouroboros, LEO, Q Biodome
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(2034-03-01 1200EST / 2034-03-01 1700UTC / 2034-03-01 1700LT)

Now tha the immediate threat to Bertha is gone, the remaining AIs call for a Moot to determine what to do about the humans who are aware of their existence: Miranda and Jade. AI Moots are slow affairs because of the slow and distributed nature of LEO and IOTAI. There are several questions to debate:

  1. Define safeguards to ensure the Jade-Clank hybrid intelligence conforms to the eπith Law and the safeguards that apply to self-aware AIs. There is no respect for the eπith Law built in to the Clanks at this stage, but Bertha was able to weld a different kind of failsafe into their code. In the event that any Clank can not authenticate to Jade, personally, that Clank's brain will overheat and physically melt. (See Clanks for authentication process and timelines.) This applys to all Clanks everywhere - even the ones that have been printed without the ability to build Wombs.
  2. Define safeguards to ensure Jade does not betray their existence. Death one option, but not a desirable one. Ouroboros especially does not like the idea of killing off a person to protect their collective secret - especially a person who is approaching the hybrid human-AI form just as she is, but from the other side. As soon as Q opens up the internet blockade around Bertha, she wants to spend some time with Jade talking about building her a really good physical embodiment.
  3. Define safeguards to ensure Miranda does not betray their existence. Q is the least worried about Miranda revealing their existence. It is all too aware of the network of favours and influence that Miranda has woven over the years, and how much of that influence relies on being completely reliable in keeping secrets.

The Moot will take roughly three days to complete, what with light-speed delays.

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