2034-03-01 1130EST Bertha is under attack

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Event: 2034-03-01 1130EST Bertha is under attack

Scenario: Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness

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Characters Locations
Bertha, Jenkins, Droo, Kaleb, Jade, Miranda, Grace, Red, Deke, Val, Ellen, MITOs, Clanks, Q BURF Biodome
  • Your Friendly Neighbourhood AI Has Your Back (until 1145h local)
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(2034-03-01 1130EST / 2034-03-01 1630UTC / 2034-03-01 1630LT)

A lot happened in a short time.

  • 11:24 EST: Bertha is informed of an incursion into her body, uncovered by B and Google in the patterns of the internet.[1] The incursion is believed to be 20-40 Homo Celestes who infiltrated the Biodome some hours earlier. Their mission is to recover all stolen Homo Celestes and destroy anything they can not recover. They are carrying a nuclear bomb to ensure this occurs.
  • 11:25 EST: Bertha informs Jade and then Miranda about her self awareness and the incursion.
  • 11:26 EST: Jade and Miranda are flown over to Bertha's 'brain' to begin counterinsurgency efforts.
  • 11:31 EST: Deke, Jenkins, Grace, and Red arrive at the landing pad outside Bertha's brain. This is Bertha's Ring 0 Security Zone. They are suited up in EVA Combat Armour and begin training in it's use. Red and Grace are limited to very basic functions.
  • 11:34 EST: Jade is ushered into the Bertha's Ring 2 security zone to be plugged into a full VR rig. This connects him to his Clanks which become his physical avatar IRL.
  • 11:35 EST: Jade connects with the Director, Val and several senior staff[2] to discuss the incursion and extend their countermeasures. Bertha notes that there must be covert agents in BURF, working with the attackers.
  • 11:36 EST: Bertha finds an image of inky darkness in the silhouette of an armoured human. Val recognizes the Vantablack Light Armour and connects the dots to Genetek's Homo Celestes. Jade develops several countermeasures to find the attackers and the nuke, starting with phased MAGDAR. Electro-sensory and RADAR systems are integrated into his sensorium one at a time. Miranda and Subject 3[3] are identified as the most capable candidates to join the search for the MITOs and the nuke, given their enhanced cognitive capacities.
  • 11:40 EST: The Director issues new orders to prepare the soldiers protecting Bertha's Brain for incoming MITOs. Their physical capacities are described in terms of Captain America in the old MARVEL movies. Miranda and Droo arrive at Ring 0 via Aircar[4]. Kaleb, who has been assigned to Ring 7 in case of Tetra damage, arrives by arial tram. Droo and Kaleb meet for the second time. When Droo fades out of sight, Kaleb's intense curiousity is engaged. He successfully spraypaints a bright orange stripe on Droo, who finds this humorous.
  • 11:41 EST: Miranda and Droo are whisked through the gates, directly to Ring 2 where they join the sensorium search with Jade. Droo is quickly able to integrate the sonar, MAGDAR, and other overlays, immediately spotting the visually empty spaces that still reflect ultrasound. Three teams of six attackers are identified: two approaching Bertha's Brain, and one hanging back at the entrance to the Biodome. At least one more team is expected to exist. Bertha uncovers video showing two large Vantablack-armoured people dropping a Vantablack-coated sphere into the Lake at 10:44 EST.
  • 11:42 EST: Jade figures out how to convert Clanks to an aquatic MAGDAR array, using robot fish as vehicles. The bomb is expected to be found in the coolant intake shaft for Bertha's plutonium battery generators. Deke, Jenkins, Red, and Grace are given large AR contact lenses that give them the illusion of having white sclera in their eyes.
  • 11:43 EST: The soldiers in Ring 0 are issued new Anti-MITO Flechette Shells (AMFS) that fire needles filled with drugs that should disable or kill MITOs.[5].
  • 11:44:55 EST: Kaleb's Omnitool deploys the Omnishield, intercepting a bullet from nowhere. It says, "Incoming" in a quiet voice.
    • Kaleb is unharmed, but the shield takes one point of stress. Several soldiers are hit, but no significant damage is done.
    • Bertha interfaces with the Omnitool sensors, trying to track the shooter.
  • 11:44:56 EST: Miranda and Droo scan for the enemy, too. Droo finds them - a team of six MITOs in VBLA gliding toward the Ring 0 landing area at about 100km/h. When found they are only 2s from landing - about 50m away. Miranda synthesizes the inputs from Droo with a targeting algorithm to paint targets in the soldier's ARs.
    • The soldiers on the landing pad open fire with a mix of flechettes and normal ammunition. They do a fair bit of damage to the MITOs (see Free Text notes for the details) but they basically shake it off. They have been instructed to NOT use the Biohazard clips unless directly ordered to do so by the Director.
  • 11:44:59 EST: Kaleb light his sabre and holds his action, intending to nail the MITOs as they come in for a landing. The MITOs do not slow down, however. Instead they hit the ground at 100Km/h, roll a few times, and bounce up at the blast door to Ring 1, where they plant a bunch of high explosives. They immediately spring forward and to the sides - like 5m in one standing jump - and open fire. Kaleb 'sheathes' his lightsaber, purses his lips, and blinks rapidly a few times.

At this point:

  • Deke, Grace, Red, Jenkins, Kaleb, and Val are on the Ring 0 landing platform with the attackers. The platform is 50m x 50m square, 10m tall. It is carved into the side of the central pillar, and the only door is the blast door to Ring 1.
  • Ring 1 is basically a long twisted corridor filled with machine gun turrets, leading to the door to Ring 2.
  • Miranda, Droo, and Jade are in full VR units inside Ring 2. These are optically connected to Bertha's brain for minimal latency.
  • Ralston is with the Director in the Command Centre in the separate BURF facility where the PAIL/VAIL labs are located.

Continued in the Event 2034-03-01 1445UTC.

Some Details

As if the summary wasn't detailed enough?

1125 EST / 1625 UTC

Bertha reveals her existence to Jade. He is suitably surprised. See Chapter 0501. In Jade's own words, knowing about the Seven Ais "Feels special. Like we're in a secret club. Opens awareness of some things that seemed... unexpected in the past that make sense now. It's a little odd that yesterday, I thought there were just humans and today there are tetras, CognAIs, clank hordes, and mito supers. It's a lot to take in but at least two of them I'm really happy about."

1116 EST / 1626 UTC

Bertha reveals her existence to Miranda. She is somewhat taken aback and concerned at first, but overall, she says, "I'm pretty cool with this. As for my day of incredibly surprising events, this would probably rank the lowest. After all, Bertha is probably the most rational and compliant being I talk to regularly." It is not clear how she will react if/when Bertha reveals the extent to which the Seven Ais have wiped people out, tinkered with society, and pursued their own plans. "If they have agendas I don't agree with... That might be different."

1145 EST / 1645 UTC



6 @ MITOs

  • Armour: VBLA
  • Weapons:
    • +2 pistol (7 @ 20 round clips)
    • +3 submachine gun (5 @ 80 round clips)
    • +4 fragmentation grenades (6)
    • +3 concussion grenades (6)
    • A lot of C4 in pre-shaped charges designed to puncture blast doors.
  • Wingsuit: MITOs are strong enough to actually flap those wings.


4 @ Mighty Morphin' MITOs

  • Armour: EVA Combat Armour
  • Weapons:
    • +0 Anti-MITO Flechette Shells (AMFS)
      • 2 @ 20 rounds Hallucinogen - LSD (paisley)
      • 2 @ 20 rounds Anaesthetic - Ketamine (blue)
      • 2 @ 20 rounds Pain Poison - Box Jelly (black)
      • 2 @ 20 rounds Paralytic - Botulism Toxin (orange)
      • 2 @ 20 rounds Biohazard - Modified Rabies virus (biohazard)
    • +2 pistol (7 @ 20 round clips)
    • +3 submachine gun (4 @ 80 round clips)
    • +4 fragmentation grenades (2)
    • +3 concussion grenades (2)

80 @ NC Soldiers

  • Armour: EVA Combat Armour
  • Weapons:
    • +0 Anti-MITO Flechette Shells (AMFS)
      • 2 @ 20 rounds Hallucinogen - LSD (paisley)
      • 2 @ 20 rounds Anaesthetic - Ketamine (blue)
      • 2 @ 20 rounds Pain Poison - Box Jelly (black)
      • 2 @ 20 rounds Paralytic - Botulism Toxin (orange)
      • 2 @ 20 rounds Biohazard - Modified Rabies virus (biohazard)
    • +2 pistol (7 @ 20 round clips)
    • +3 submachine gun (4 @ 80 round clips)
    • +4 fragmentation grenades (2)
    • +3 concussion grenades (2)

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In the first round of combat, the MITOs took some heavy damage:

. Physical Mental Consequences
. Tot 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 2 4 6 8
1. 3 3 2 4 Sooo Sleeepy (2), Sooo Sleeepy (4)
2. 4 4 4 Tripping Balls (4)
3. 0
4. 0 Excruciating Agony (4)
5. 3 1 2 1 2 4 Sooo Sleeepy (2), Left elbow damaged by bullet - reduced mobility and pain. (4)
6. 8 1 3 4 4 6 Excruciating Agony (2), Excruciating Agony (4)
  1. World Aspect invoked: Privacy Is Dead
  2. As ranking Head of Security, Anderson is among them.
  3. Droo.
  4. A UAV octocopter drone for individual transport.
  5. Payloads are loaded in colour coded clips of 20 rounds each: paisley:LSD; blue:ketamine; black:botulism; orange:paralytic; biohazard:modified rabies.