2034-03-01 0900LT A Haven Revealed To Be Something Else

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Event: 2034-03-01 0900LT A Haven Revealed To Be Something Else

Scenario: Prelude to War

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Characters Locations
Syd, Dex, Fong, Yutu Jade Rabbit Warren
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On This Day

Dex and Syd independently discovered that the human overseeres in the Warren are much more tightly integrated into Yutu than they would be able to sustain. It would not be enough to demonstrate the right outward behaviours. They would also need to think in a manner consistent with the mental patterns of the people they replaced.

Syd went catatonic when his awareness was trapped in a gestalt by Mycroft and Q. He was told that he was behaving like an invasive species, operating in the wrong part of the ecosystem. By the time he returned to awareness of his body and surroundings, Dex was long gone on a mission of his own.

The top gene witch contacted Dex. Dr. Fong was careful about it, but got Dex to show up in his lab to do some maintenance work. Once there, Fong lured Dex into the secret lab and asked for asylum for himself and his team. Dex saw this as a big opportunity to get himself in the black with Ms. Smith. He started to plan with Fong.

Syd came back and began to assist with the plans. He found them a ship that could carry all 12 of them along with their equipment. Because of spectacular rolls, this turned out to be the Belt Hopper X mining ship, with a stealth ship attached instead of a shuttle. After taking ownership, Syd asked it to pilot over to the secret entrance Fong had created. By noon they had escaped with surprising ease.

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