2034-03-01 0230EST Clanks come together

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Event: 2034-03-01 0230EST Clanks come together

Scenario: Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness

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Characters Locations
Jack Daniels, Kaleb Gomez Boeing Ultraviolet Research Facility
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(2034-03-01 0230EST / 2034-03-01 0730UTC / 2034-03-01 0730LT)

Kaleb and Jade spend some time figuring out how to put a few failsafes into the Clanks that Jade has improvised.

Discussion copied here from Slack for reference.



  • recognize and avoid humans.
  • are afraid of the surface world.
  • are coordinated and directed by the BURF AI (Bertha).
  • are very basic and simple designs.
  • use AR-based RFIDs to authenticate humans as friendlies.

The Director has ordered that the fail-safes on the things be triply redundant and wants Jade to have his own personal backdoor installed as well.

Val has lots of ideas on how to weaponize this tech, but approves the "herd and corral" approach rather than any overt weaponization at this stage.

Jade and Kaleb both used stunts and fate points to make this happen.


adrian (10:03PM) hello

kaleb (10:04PM) Chapter 0030#Kaleb.2C_Jade.2C_and_Ranjna

adrian (10:16PM) Thanks

kaleb (10:45PM) for actual failsafes, I would suggest starting with the laws of robotics

(10:45PM) 'BUT

(10:45PM) there's no reason they should be able to at anjy point ignore commands from a core set of creators

(10:45PM) give them a master override self-destruct code as well

adrian (10:51PM) The laws are part of all my designs, even the ones that can't move... just makes sense

kaleb (10:52PM) fair enough

(10:52PM) just

(10:52PM) i read the book...

adrian (10:53PM) I'm going key them that protecting the BURF is their directive and a fear of open spaces

kaleb (10:53PM) good

adrian (10:53PM) I read it too, didn't say it was perfect....

(10:54PM) I'm making a master controller while their replicating and I'll have that implanted when I can borrow that doctor woman whatshername to help with the squishy part

kaleb (10:55PM) good plan

adrian (10:55PM) they're*

kaleb (10:55PM) i could implant it, but only in the sense that i could cut a hold, stick it in, and sew it back up

adrian (10:56PM) it'd be to interface it properly to the implantable system

kaleb (11:00PM) Okay

adrian (11:00PM) here's my draft:

(11:03PM) "don't touch a human unless a human touches you" "move out of the way from all humans" "defend the BURF from non-human organisms" "do not leave the BURF" "do not damage another robot" "do not damage humans"

too much?

kaleb (11:04PM) I would add one

(11:04PM) When in doubt, consult the Master

(11:05PM) Cults need to be kept from acting autonomously

(11:05PM) !

adrian (11:05PM) well, I wasn't going to mention that.....

(11:05PM) all my robots know who made them

kaleb (11:06PM) As cocreator all I ask is to be the Elijah to your YHWH

adrian (11:06PM) sure, ok

(11:06PM) (totally not gonna but whatever)

(11:07PM) (I simply don't trust you)

kaleb (11:07PM) Fine. I'll build my own robits!

adrian (11:08PM) I said I'd include you, its fine....

(11:08PM) lol

kaleb (11:08PM) Lol

(11:09PM) Oh hey

(11:10PM) How are they determining "human"

adrian (11:14PM) pattern recognition based on general shape. our shape is different enough from tetras and other animals for this not to be too complex

(11:15PM) any better idea?

kaleb (11:15PM) AR ID tag as a failsafe. We might be better to just blacklist tetras instead of trying to whitelist the others

adrian (11:16PM) Sure, I can issue everyone IDs unless they already have them

kaleb (11:16PM) Yeah, I assume something like an RFID tag would be easy enough

adrian (11:21PM) Of course. I'll go print a set...maybe a dozen? Should we set a blacklist rule? I could add a "block tetra" rule but what that means to them isn't so easy. It'd have to be more "do not move when touched by tetra". Not sure the full range of these tetras or their devices to know what else we'd have to blacklist.

kaleb (11:21PM) Oh I figured "attack tetra" but we could just use them as a screen for now

adrian (11:25PM) It's more like smart packing peanuts at this point. It was your idea to make a grid.....

kaleb (11:26PM) Sure, smart packing peanuts works

(11:26PM) The command to allow no gaps larger than 29cm unless another rule livks in should be simple

adrian (11:26PM) Of course, they can do more, but this mission is reproduce and pack the BURF

(11:29PM) Haven't given them much more than senses like the tetras, movement, suction and magnetic appendages, and power. Good news is that they're set to network and programming can be cascaded if we have another plan, but we'd need to retrofit if we wanted to give them anything offensive

(11:30PM) (I'm not a big fan of weaponized robots, makes me sad when I think of the 'friends' I lost when I sent them into battle)

(11:31PM) more interested in the tech and the biomimicry than anything as crass as blades and such

kaleb (11:32PM) Very well

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