2034-03-01 0000EST Characters arrive at BURF

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Event: 2034-03-01 0000EST Characters arrive at BURF

Scenario: Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness

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Characters Locations
Tetras, Deke Heppener, Kendall Andrew Duclos, Jack Daniels, Kaleb Gomez, Miranda Bishop, Ralston St. John Hereford, Abram Jenkins, Valentine O'Connor, Red Cooper, Grace Heppener, King Harold BURF










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(2034-03-01 0000EST / 2034-03-01 0500UTC / 2034-03-01 0500LT)


  • Deke wakes up in a quarantine room at BURF. He has a very ugly headache.
  • Droo lands in Sudbury Airport on a suborbital flight from Halifax. He meets his unknown helper - Ralston and agrees to follow him to 'the place with the answers.' When Ralston confronts Kaleb because stupid, Droo somehow overhears their phone calls without being in range to hear them. He makes a fuss about it, short circuiting the brewing confrontation.
  • Jade continues to work on the biomemetic possibilities raised by the Tetras.
  • Kaleb lands in Sudbury Airport on a private jet from New Orleans. On his way to his ride, some Brit went off on him. He called in a safe word code for assistance, only to find someone who couldn't possibly have heard what he was doing knew exactly what he'd said on an encrypted line. Kaleb really wants to know who this Droo character is.
  • Miranda realizes that the Tetras are not naturally evolved organisms. "It's all too neat and tidy," she thinks. "Evolutionary pressures are messier than this." She sits back for a moment, involuntarily showing her surprise in her body language. She doesn't notice the lab fall silent around her as she moves. "They've been edited!" she whispers. "Designed!"
  • Ralston lands in Sudbury Airport on a commercial flight from London, England. Shortly after landing he collects Droo, but then gets into a confrontation with Kaleb, who's AR systems are somehow shielded from him. On the way to BURF Ralston is called into a full-immersion top-level meeting by the King.


2017-03-08 Game Session

  • Kaleb and Droo get dumped into one of the limos by Ralston, who is called away by The King.
    • They are stuck together for almost an hour. It is uncomfortable.
    • During the ride, Kaleb tries to chat up Droo and believes him to be a PMC contractor. Asking several probing questions, Kaleb makes Droo uncomfortable. Kaleb attempts to covertly hack Droo's game feed to see what he's doing, and fails spectacularly.

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