2034-02-28 1800LT A Visit To The Jade Rabbit Warren

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Event: 2034-02-28 1800LT A Visit To The Jade Rabbit Warren

Scenario: The Time Before

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Characters Locations
Dex, Syd, Dale, Kevin, Rebecca Luna

Jade Rabbit Warren


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On This Day

Rebecca braced herself for the increasing gravity as the APC was pushed down the linear accelerator. The last time she's ridden one was a few years ago, and it had been unpleasant, to say the least.

"This launch will be a civilian Gs, ma'am," Dale said. "You will feel it, but it won't even be uncomfortable, especially not in the suit you're wearing."

Rebecca shifted slightly, feeling a rare moment of self-consciousness. The suit she was wearing was unlike anything she'd seen before IRL. The inner layer was a high-intensity AR/VR haptic skinsuit, complete with artificial muscles that could apply forces to her body - or amplify her IRL strength, endurance, speed, and agility.

Rebecca took a deep breath and let it out slowly. A few more breaths and the tension began to fade. "Thanks, Da-- Colour Sergeant." Her AR popped up a green checkmark in the air in front of her. °I guess he's busy,° she thought. A deep rumble transmitted itself through the hull followed by a surprisingly pleasant E major chord spanning several octaves.

"It took them years to figure out how to tune the magnetic resonances like that," Syd said from the seat to her left. His eyes darted around the cabin, taking in a military transport for the first time.

"It's a lot better than the fingernails on a blackboard that used to happen on these things," Kevin said. The big man was not in a seat. His body armour was too large and heavy for a normal seat, and could lock itself to the ship better than seatbelts could.

The volume decreased as Rebecca felt herself pressed into her seat. °°Configuring for launch,°° the APC said. Rebecca's seat stretched out until she was lying flat on her back, facing the direction of acceleration. °°1G. 2G. Holding.°° The weight of her own body was intense. It was an effort to breathe. She didn't even try to lift her arms or legs to start with. The she remembered what she was wearing, and found she could move her arms quite easily. °°Launch acceleration ends in four, three, two, one.°°

A second later Rebecca had the disconcerting experience of her flesh rebounding back into it's normal position as the pressure disappeared. She gasped involuntarily, not in surprise but because her ribcage rebounded. As her acceleration bench shifted back into a chair format, she said, "I think the Colour Sergeant and I have different ideas of 'uncomfortable' but that wasn't too bad."

Above her right hand a mote of light appeared. It projected the identity °Command Space AR Overlay° with increasing intensity as the motes divided again and again. In a second there were thousands of rapidly moving lights tightly contained in a sphere about 20cm across. She reached up to cup the orb, but as soon as she touched it the lights flowed over her. There was a flash of light, and she was in the CSARO VR space.

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