2034-02-28 1100LT Signs Point To China

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Event: 2034-02-28 1100LT Signs Point To China

Scenario: The Time Before

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Characters Locations
Dex, Syd, Dale, Kevin, Rebecca Umbra

Luna Alpha

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On This Day

Seismologists from Boeing quickly determined that there is a large tunnel leading out of the base. It terminates under the South East corner of the Al/O2 plant. It goes South. The only other structure on the moon is the Chinese base at the South Pole.

Kevin racked his mind for where he's heard of the plasma weapon before. He realized it was on a Lockheed Martin research project with a lot of parts manufactured in China. A little corporate espionage would have told them what the parts were for, despite attempts to keep the project secret.

Rebecca realizes that Professor El was likely smuggling her information to the Chinese. Her troublesome relationship with the more corrupt elements of Chinese society had been part of her reason for leaving Earth.

Syd doesn't quite break down when he puts it all together. There have been some interesting smuggled items showing up in Luna Alpha - items he didn't bring in, and that he doesn't think anyone else could have brought in. The Chinese could do it though - especially if they have ties to the Undertaker. What if Brian IS the Undertaker?

They compare notes and realize China is likely behind all this. Dale reports in to the Duchess, who brings the King into the conversation. “I’d rather not start a war with China just this minute if it can be avoided,” he said. Angrily, it should be noted.

Around the same time the characters figure this out, the seismologists discover the tunnel from the Al/O2 plant had a branch that came out under Brian's house. After some inspection it appears that the device used to do the tunneling used magnetically contained plasma to vaporize the rock in a ring, sucking the vapour back down the centre of the field and out the back end. The rock vapour was deposited as glass all around the tunnel behind the tunneling machine. The liquid rock has been poured into moulds, basically shaping it into Lego bricks 1m long, 10cm thick, and 20cm wide. These were hauled back down the tunnel using a maglev conveyor system, cooling as they travelled. It is not clear what the 'bricks' have been used for.

The party, with support from Royal Guards and Boeing Security, prepared to set out to the Jade Rabbit Warren.

In later events: After donning armour and marshalling forces, the whole party set out in rocket-powered APCs, with a host of drones in the tunnel. There is evidence of a maglev conveyor in the tunnel. The tunnel emerges in a crater some 500km south of Alpha. There is a small, apparently automated spaceport - not surprisingly, mostly made of those bricks.

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