2034-02-28 0920LT Emergency Community Support

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Event: 2034-02-28 0920LT Emergency Community Support

Scenario: The Time Before

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Characters Locations
Dex, Syd, Dale, Kevin, Rebecca, King Henry, Duchess Luna Luna Alpha
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On This Day

About 100 people donned EVA Work Suits or Civilian Armour and rushed to the scene. There were few serious injuries. Heat and radiation burns were most common, along with lace problems from the EMP. Dex and Syd were both a bit addled by the magnetic field used to contain the plasma. Mycroft had a significant dead zone up to 300m from the blast.

While Rebecca helped coordinate rescue operations, Dale and Kevin started exploring options for finding Brian. With some assistance from Mycroft they determined that the two biggest factories were the most likely places for Brian to have an extra Bacta Tank. A host of drones were sent to each, but turned up nothing out of place. Dex suggested that maybe the guy who had at least two secret tunnels to his name already might have another?

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