2034-02-28 0900LT Storming the Castle

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Event: 2034-02-28 0900LT Storming the Castle

Scenario: The Time Before

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Characters Locations
Dale, Dex, Kevin, Brian Luna Alpha
Caused By Cause Of
On This Day

After the questioning is done, the characters end up talking about Brian - and heading to his place. He's the main suspect.

Dex guessed there would be another tunnel.

A Redshirt dies in the tunnels and basement.

Dale contacted Brian IVR. He seemed surprised to learn they were in his home. “I’m truly sorry,” Brian’s avatar said. “I didn’t mean for anyone to be there. You should run.”

Kevin was out the door in an instant. Dale, the Guards and Boeing security guards were all on their way too. Dex was relatively far away already, cautious soul that he is.

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