2034-02-26 1600LT Kevin Gets A Job

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Event: 2034-02-26 1600LT Kevin Gets A Job

Scenario: The Time Before

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Kevin Cahn, Aurora Smith Boeing Luna HQ
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No longer particularly welcome at Umbra and having a note from Ms. Smith asking for him to come at 1600LT instead of 1700LT, Kevin left Umbra to stroll over to Boeing Luna HQ. True to his word, Syd's hack caused Mycroft to identify him as a tourist named "Daniel Cain" when in public. Unfortunately, this meant 'Kevin' was not recognized by the securty systems or staff at BLHQ. Repeated efforts to get them to tell Ms. Smith that 'Her four o'clock is here," were ignored, with some belligerence.

At 1615LT a formerly arrogant executive admin appeared, terrified, to escort Kevin to his meeting.

Ms. Smith gave him a contract to look over. It was fairly standard, though very open ended. He would work for her on 'special projects' and 'duties as assigned.'

Then he noticed that the contract had three clauses that were used by the CC to let operatives identify themselves to the organization when moving from job to job. Unsure about who put those clauses in the contract, or if Ms. Smith knew of them, Kevin opted to ask for minor changes to the clauses before each one. For example, clause 10.1.3 was one of the coded lines, so he asked for a change to 10.1.2 instead. Whoever reviewed the contract would know that he knew of the code, but that he was not part of the Cyborg Collective.

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