2034-02-26 1230LT Syd Reroutes Brian's Package

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Event: 2034-02-26 1230LT Syd Reroutes Brian's Package

Scenario: The Time Before

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Syd Umbra

Luna Alpha

Luna Alpha Spaceport

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Transcript from 2018-12-12 and 13, retconning what Syd did with the package.

vampyr [01:23]

Well Syd would be a dog with a bone on BURF, "The package", and the highly suspicious players - like the PD, and DQE. He was able to get a sample from the package, and wants to kno who the fuck and why it was so important and urgent to put need all his moves out there, when it DIDN'T EVEN STAY ON PLANET for like, 20 minutes... And nearly immediately later the real (but careful faked) destination gets NUKED, with multiple suspects, targets, and several actually war heads involved. So yeah, Syd is super stoked to look into those piss nosed "holier than thou" gene jackers who think that anyone still walking with the standard paired 23 is an obsolete fool and should be 'phased out' with a hostile upgrade pack leaked to the wild (unintentionally, of course) or lose their citizenship and voting rights as that person is no longer keeping up with the REQUIREMENT of being "human", which now mandates that you accept changes and allow passive testing as an agent to keep our genome improving, adapting, and pure.

brilligtove [06:57]

The first part I'm 100% on, though I only vaguely recall the sample. The second I'm not sure Syd would notice, though. Now _Michael_ is interested, and Dr. Fong would jizz at the chance to examine that sample that *no one else* knows about...

vampyr [14:38]

Well, Syd and Fong are genial, and Syd is likely the 'recoils the least' vibe from the party (some part due to his mental prosthesis, which supplies the appropriate emotional responses in polite company - so perhaps they will get to talking about it, especially if Syd gets steamed about the second part... Keeping in mind he has a shiny new once per session stunt about ferreting out patterns in swaths of data...

brilligtove [15:35]

It's where you go from "that whole deal with Brian was crooked from the start and tied to a location where nukes were used" to ' "holier than thou" gene jackers' where you lose me. Syd has shown no interest in gengineering or transhumanist sects so far. I'm having trouble seeing where this sentiment would come from. (edited) Do you remember what you did with that sample from the briefcase?

vampyr [15:59]

Rebecca had it sampled it at the office with remote cleaning bots

brilligtove [16:02]

The MRO sample never made it to the office. It was rerouted back to another ship back to Earth without ever leaving the automated luggage transportation systems. The sample at the Office was the message that Professor El was trying to send before she was murdered.

vampyr [18:21]

Hmm I'm confused. I was positive we snuck a sample

brilligtove [18:57]

Syd may well have a sample of MRO. I know you opened the case while it was en route. I don't remember if you tried to take a sample.

vampyr [22:42]

lets assume I did, shall we?

brilligtove [22:46]

I'll need a few rolls. In each case I'm looking for an aspect and approach.

1. *How you take the sample.* IIRC you took pictures, but did not pierce the woomba to sample the amniotic fluid.

2. *How you avoid anyone noticing you took a sample.* Remember your equipment is limited to what was on the 4 day transit ship, not what *you* have on *you.*

adrian [23:11]

I would have been amazing at this but I know nothing :)

vampyr [23:57]

I'm definitely going to need some help from my player members with more science/professional expertise but here goes :

I would have used *"All Your Base Are Belong To Us"* - specifically - "Has detailed knowledge of how automated infrastructure works on Luna Alpha - especially customs and quarantine - and the tech make it serve his ends".

I would think that any space faring vehicle that travels between customs and interplanetary ports of call would require automated bots that allow for testing of at minimal the exterior of packaging for biological contamination agents or (and perhaps, especially) terroristic threats

So I would have used this kind of bot or tech device to perform a procedure that would have allowed penetration and sampling of the amniotic fluid interior which would have undoubtedly contained dna.

As for concealing this, Syd would have used *"Sleight of System"* to both prevent scrutiny and doctor the logs. As an additional step, he would have created an extremely faint bread crumb trail back to Boeing (a likely corporate espionage conspirator)

The sample itself, contained within the robot itself, would have been offloaded and replaced on the ship while still docked at Luna Alpha due to faulty operation. A modular component of the robot would then have been replaced at the customs logistic maintenance facility (the component that actually contains the sealed sample) and sent to a incineration facility - of course, redirected to a extra-Luna-containment (ie. vacuum positive, space temperature, outside the dome) off grid area on the lunar surface that Syd uses when required for biological smuggling outside the colony) to be kept safe for collection later.

brilligtove [00:14]

I like it so far.

vampyr [00:14]

Syd would have been using careful, and his lace focused bonus to do this

brilligtove [11:14]

  • All your base...* makes sense for gaining access to the briefcase - which I know we took care of back then. Getting a medical sample is not really in your wheelhouse though. Maybe you called in a favour (or asked for one) from someone who knows how to do that kind of thing? Luna Alpha is going to be a university town, so the population of scientists is already substantial.

If that's the route you want to go, the obvious option would be Professor El, but it could have been someone else.

It doesn't need to be a partner or a favour - just what came to mind. I can see using other stunts to make it possible for Syd to follow the right procedure for artifical amneocentisis too.

vampyr [13:22]

Syd was instructed that "this could end all lunar life". So yes, he'd definitely use whatever resource he could. Calling in a favour would make sense, but only via Rebecca. Syd has contacts, Rebecca calls in favours.

brilligtove [14:15]

In terms of resources, you would certainly know of at least one medical researcher or physician who has experience with woombas and who has smuggled a little something. If the Squid had contacted such a person they would have done the 30s of telemedicine for a quick payoff.

vampyr [15:06]

Then Squid it is. Rebecca would have been in on the deal, however. Not sure if it was stated, but Rebecca is aware of the Syd - Squid relationship

brilligtove [16:53]

Wait, I thought absolutely no one knows about the squid... That even Rebecca thinks you work for him, not that you "are* him.

vampyr [23:04]

No no - I mean she knows that the Squid and he are a team. That the Squid does the backend orchestration.

adrian [11:20]

I find that interesting too. I understood the squid was a shadowy “I may know a guy” for Syd, at least to the outside world

brilligtove [11:23]

I'm not clear why Syd would involve Rebecca in this. What would drive him to ask for her help rather than directly cutting a deal with someone with the right skills?

vampyr [12:09]

If he has the contacts, sure. My cut at this was that Syd does't have the same kind of relationships to bring in someone that he would trust (does Syd even understand trust?) with this information? Ie. someone that wouldn't immediately go behind his back and stab it...with Ms Smith or others. Rebecca, whom Syd trusts (perhaps the only one?) deals in secrets, leverage, and human capital. She would be able to 'trust' (ie play them) to ensure his, and her safety.

brilligtove [12:22]

Gotcha. In this case Syd has a med tech named Ashton Lindholm who can VR in to operate the machines to do the job. As long as that connection is made via the Squid, Ash will have no idea where the heist is taking place, or even if it is a real action. It could be pitched as part of a Shadowrun Online campaign.

vampyr [12:56]

OH - I like that idea! I could totally see that happening in the future, when VR tech and gaming get to a certain level. Pay an expert for a 'game heist', in a particularly challenging game - when it's a real heist in actuality. The Squid would totally do that. He's a bit of an asshole

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