2034-02-26 0930LT After Breakfast Realizations

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Event: 2034-02-26 0930LT After Breakfast Realizations

Scenario: The Time Before

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Characters Locations
Syd, Rebecca, Kevin The Office
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On This Day

The three of them compare notes on the events of the past night.

Rebecca raises the concern that Dexter "saw through Syd's disguise" and then asked probing questions about what was going on. She believes she got him to back off.

Kevin is not so sure. He thinks Dexter must be a spy, planted at Umbra by Ms. Smith, the Duchess, Lockheed Martin, or most likely, the Cyborg Collective. He doesn't mention that last bit, of course.

Dex has shown only that he noticed something “off” about “Kevin” and is suspicious. Not that he knows who Kevin is or anything that’s going on.

There was a sense of rising panic / anxiety - especially with Syd - at the thought that Dexter might be a spy. Rebecca is a bit spooked too. She's not used to being flustered or losing her cool with someone like she did with Dex.

Kevin, finding out that the Duchess and Ms. Smith will be at Umbra at noon, asks Syd to get him in Ms. Smith's path. She will recognize him, and should be able to help him.

(Syd will say this with a slight waver in his voice): "If I put you in her path, I will be putting you in the private entrance for 'special guests'. That means that, regardless of her knowledge of you, she will be very aware that I am working in your employ, or somehow very close to you. I realize that you tell me that the whole moon is at stake, and, on behalf of Rebecca, whom I trust implicitly, I am trying to believe you. But I will tell you this - knowledge of that type is very likely to ruin my business, and my life on luna forever. Even if we 'save the moon'."

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