2034-02-26 0900LT Breakfast planning

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Event: 2034-02-26 0900LT Breakfast planning

Scenario: The Time Before

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Characters Locations
Syd, Rebecca, Kevin The Office
  • The Office is a reasonably private location.
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On This Day

Kevin woke from a surprisingly good night's sleep. The bed was large and just the right firmness. The covers were heavy enough to feel like a hug, and the air was perfectly cool. He completed his morning ablutions quickly. His AR informed him that Rebecca was on her way to a large, buffet style breakfast happening in the quad in the middle of the building. He followed the directions provided by the house machine intelligence. To his left, he could see the courtyard, filled with people among the greenery and gardens. On his right, he passed apartments with large windows. They seemed well cared for.

He pulled up short when he reached the end of the hall. He still wasn't used to the variety of ways people got between floors here. The 'stairs' were divided in two. On his left, the 'going down' side was three platforms, each one metre lower than the next. They were one square on top, too. On the right, there were three times as many steps in the same space. They would be uncomfortably large on Earth, but here they were quite short. He shrugged, and hopped down the four metres to the ground floor.

His AR highlighted Rebecca entering the courtyard about one hundred metres away, on the other side of a copse of birch trees. He made his way to the food, figuring she'd have the same idea.

Across the courtyard, Shauna was finally telling Rebecca about the lucrative smuggling deal she'd heard about the day before. The area was designated with the same privacy settings as a bathroom stall, which meant Mycroft and the Office AIs would not listen or watch anything unless specifically invited. It was good enough for now.

"It's a rush data shipment from Professor El," Auna said, referring to a regular client. "The order is for maximum data integrity, so we'll need two carriers on two fast ships." The normal shuttle was a four day job, but personal craft could make it in a day or less.

Rebecca made a low whistle. Their normal operation wasn't about speed. She provided a regular schedule with total security and privacy. Syd usually handled rush jobs, but the Prof was a regular client of hers - practically part of the operation, having built some of the tech she used to encode and decode the system that encoded information into DNA-based cyphers. Rebecca knew the Professor worked in the BLURF, but had no idea what she did there. "Do we have people who can do the job with cover? What's the quote?"

"We do, and ₿32 on ₿12 costs," Shauna said.

Rebecca's eyes were wide. An extra ₿20 was a big windfall - big enough to triple her holdings in Dream Park: Luna with several bitcoin to spare. "I have some other things going on right now," Rebecca said, nodding toward Kevin's hulking figure. He was walking to an empty table with a tray laden with food.

"I'm on it, Madam," Shauna said with a smirk. Rebecca winced a bit at the good natured jab.

The ladies found plates at the end of the buffet. They chatted with Companions, spouses, and children while they collected breakfast. "I might not see you for a bit," Rebecca said, "but call me if there are problems." Shauna nodded with a grin, and scampered off.

Rebecca walked over to Kevin. She somehow sat gracefully, despite the constrictions of picnic tables. "How did you sleep?" she asked. She savoured a spoonful of yogurt and granola, waiting for Kevin to finish chewing.

"I slept like I finally found somewhere safe and I thank you for that. Is this courtyard really secure? After all we went through to ferret me away to this place, I'd hate to blow it over yogurt, as lovely as it looks on your lips.", he finished this last with a gentle wipe of her lip, whether or not there was anything there.

"It's been a long time, Kevin, thank you", she blushed almost imperceptibly, her years of masking her true feelings making the blush discernible only to those who know her well, "but, yes, we wouldn't be able to stay in business if we couldn't ensure absolute discretion in The Office." A sly smile crossed her face, devastatingly alluring, but then her eyes changed and it faded to a more cordial business smile. "We provide a valuable service here and everyone here is absolutely trusted."

"Well, I can certainly understand that. You look good 'Bec .... really good. And thanks again"

A cloud crossed Rebecca's brow, "Having said that, I did get a call from bartender, Dexter, from last night. He asked if you were ok and said you were acting strangely. I think I was able to brush him off but he seemed very interested so maybe there is a chance your presence has been noted."

"Dammit! What do we do about this? Months of work and it can all get blown by a bartender."

"A cute bartender, honey. And don't worry, he likes me. I think I can handle a man who likes me."

The big man chuckled "The way you kept me in line?"

She gave a small laugh, professionally honed for maximum effect and yet completely genuine. "Oh, Kevin, but you're special." They both laughed. "But seriously, I never tried to control you, and you really were special." She paused for a moment. "I think we're going to need Syd's help on this. Office, call Syd, voice only." When she heard the audio quality open up she new Syd had answered. "Come to the office now, please." She disconnected.

"Can we take this someplace a little more secure?" Kevin said, looking around at the wide courtyard and the many people still milling about.

"Sure. When Syd gets here let's go to my office." She looked him over critically. "I have to say it's so good to see you again, even if you did get old."

"I swear, I thought you were your own daughter." They chatted amiably for the few minutes it took Syd to arrive. When he entered the courtyard he looked like her was being pulled directly to their table by a string, despite his head and eyes never seeming to watch his direction.

Rebecca and Kevin stood as he approached. She easily looped her hand into the crook of his arm, every bit the lady beside her large sophisticated gentleman. They strolled off towards her office.

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