2034-02-26 0300LT A Daily Report is Crafted

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Event: 2034-02-26 0300LT A Daily Report is Crafted

Scenario: The Time Before

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Dexter Lee Luna Alpha
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On This Day

Dex finished his shift at 0300LT. He walked back to his apartment, not far from Umbra, enjoying the cool night air. He composed his daily report to Boeing Luna CEO Aurora Smith as he strolled along. As usual, he was choosy about what he included and what he left out. As much as possible he limited what he told her to information that was already in the public record or that could be recorded by Umbra's sensors. He'd used the 'magic straws' to record enough additional information to keep her off his back while he tried to figure out his own goals.

He completed his report while in the shower, and sent it off. A few minutes later he'd eaten and was asleep it his very comfortable bed.

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