2034-02-22 1700UTC A delivery is arranged

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Event: 2034-02-22 1700UTC A delivery is arranged

Scenario: The Time Before

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Characters Locations
Phil Bertrand, Syd, Brian William, Dex Ghana Spaceport


Luna Alpha


Caused By Cause Of
On This Day

Background: Phil Bertrand is a Genetek SVP, on his way to Luna Alpha for a vacation. That's what the records show, anyway. He had a bit of hand luggage that was to make it's way to Brian William's control without undue scrutiny. They hired Syd to make it happen. After a bit of negotiating, Phil got on the 4 day transit to Luna from the spaceport in Ghana, package in cargo.

After launch, Brian had a drink at Umbra, to talk to Syd about the transfer. After some discussion under a cone of silence, Syd suggested that it was stupid to bring the package all the way through customs only to send it back through customs so it could go to Ground in Sudbury. "I can just route it from inbound to outbound with a new, clean ID. Easy."

Brian loved the plan. "I can give you the codes for active biological samples from the biosphere. That'll get it shifted post haste to BURF." Brian was just the kind of asshole to say "post haste" with complete and innocent sincerity. Syd didn't like him, but that wasn't what he was being paid for.

"I'll still need to meet with Phil here when he arrives. We have other matters to discuss," Brian said. "Can you arrange for a decoy package for him to bring here? There's a LOT of scrutiny on this deal, and the longer we can make people think the package is here and not on it's way to Earth?" He paused to sip his wine. "The better."

Someone with a little more social savvy than Syd might have thought, "Who talks like that?" Syd just shrugged. "Sure. Costs an extra 10%." He pointed to the relevant option on the virtual menu. "I can take care of that."

"There's a reason I come to you for all my specialty needs, Syd," Brian said. "See you on the 26th at..." He paused momentarily as his AR glasses whispered Phil's arrival time in his ear. "At 1300. We'll need the private room."

"Uh..." Syd's neural lace provided a continuous augmented reality overlay to his sight, without the need for AR glasses. His scheduler superimposed his bookings for the quiet room and noted a conflict. "I hate to do this, but the room is booked until 1400."

"Bump them," Brian said breezily.

"I can't," Syd said. "It's the Duchess."

Brian stared at Syd for a long moment. "Fine," he finally said, frustration in his voice. "We'll meet here for lunch, then take the room when they're done."

Syd nodded. His lace booked a booth at 1300 and the room for two hours after the Duchess, making a business card emerge from Syd's calendar.

From Brian's point of view the virtual card faded into existence as the information was shifted from Syd's private overlay into a shared metaphor. Brian moved it into his private overly by snatching it out of the air.

It disappeared from Syd's overlay, but it was clear that Brian was putting it in his shirt pocket. His augmented view of the restaurant showed the bookings as confirmed.

Brian gulped down the rest of his drink and put down the glass a little too hard. Without another word he walked right through the cone of silence that protected them from eavesdropping, and left the bar.

Syd pressed the button on the bar to drop the privacy field, feeling the wash of virtual information flow over him as his lace reconnected with the network. He was curious about whatever got Brian riled up - but he was being paid, in part, to not ask questions.

"Dex," he said, "I need a drink."

"Sure boss," the handsome bartender said. "What'll it be?"

"Surprise me," Syd said.

Dex went to work, muttering to himself. "One cucumber, lightly bruised..."

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