2032-02-17 0800EST Vince and JJ tie their laces

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Event: 2032-02-17 0800EST Vince and JJ tie their laces

Scenario: The Time Before

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Characters Locations
Vince, JJ, Nick, Aslan, Betty, Blair, Barb Narnia Base

Amazon Basin


  • This base is so secret even it doesn't know where it is.
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On This Day

In the week after their laces were installed, Vince and JJ spent a lot of time with the family: Vince's three mates and their three children, and the six dogs that were their constant companions. Vince and JJ had many tasks to complete in this time, both to further their education and to provide data for Aslan to update the lace AI.

At the end of the week, JJ and Vince were taken aside and gradually had the lace-lace radio link activated. Since that day they have had what amounts to a continuous mind meld.

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