2031-11-04 0900UTC+10 Rapists Start Dying

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Event: 2031-11-04 0900UTC+10 Rapists Start Dying

Scenario: The Time Before

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Characters Locations
Papua New Guinea
  • Rape, rape, everywhere, has pushed us past the brink.
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On This Day

"I am the bioterrorist you should be terrified of." The animated avatar showed a black woman of no obvious ancestry. The anonymous announcement had been posted to news sites around the world, along with a huge trove of data. "Papua New Guinea has been the rape capital of the world for decades," she said. "That stops now."

A set of viruses and bacteria appeared in the air around her. "These are common sexually transmitted diseases. I have engineered all of them to be harmless, and outcompete their harmful ancestors. That is why the apparent rate of infection has dropped here over the last few years. These carry a separate payload however, which does something else."

Sections of each pathogen broke away, then swirled together to form a new creature. "This organism is different. It records a genetic signature of each sexual encounter a person has." The bacteria split into two, one inside the outline of a woman, the other in an outline of a man. "In women that is all it is: a record of lovers." The outline turned green. "In men, it is something else entirely." No one was surprised when the male outline began to throb with red darkness. "Over the next week the pathogen will activate at sunrise. Activation is random, though most likely at sunrise or sunset. It will cause a massive immune reaction. Men will die in hours."

The entire country had ground to a halt at this point.

"The simple cure is blood-to-blood exposure from each lover, at least three months after the first sexual encounter." The figure paused to let this sink in. "There is another option." The male outline resolved into a non-descript man. "A burn to the skin - as with a brand - will cause a cascading reaction." A brand appeared, glowing red. It applied itself to the man's shoulder with a disturbing sizzle. "The metabolic consequences of the burn transform the pathogen into a testosterone inhibitor and estrogen producer. If you brand yourself you will become feminized over the course of several months, but you will live." The seared man faded out.

"I am aware that there will be men who have harmed no women but will not be able to gain access to the blood of their lovers, and I regret that they will not survive this purge." The animated figure, did look uncomfortable. "But this can no longer be allowed to continue. Our women are brutalized, constantly. Nearly half the men in our society are rapists. The few innocent men who are caught up in this are a tiny sacrifice compared to the millions of women who have been raped."

The recording focussed in on the avatar's face. "I am certain that a cure can be found, and found quickly. Not within a week, though."

The culture changed, and quickly. By the end of the week two million of the country's five million men were dead, and another million had branded themselves. The remaining two million were suddenly at the mercy of their wives and lovers.

Blood tests to read the history of lovers recorded in the pathogen were developed quickly, but finding a cure was much more difficult. By the time treatments were found in June 2032, most of the branded men had developed breasts, lost facial hair, and had rather a different view of the world. A vaccine was developed in September 2032, preventing a global outbreak, and a cure came in February 2033.

Papua New Guinea is still reeling from the massive disruption. There is no more culture of rape, however. By 2034 the population demographics had settled into a new pattern. Roughly 7,000,000 lived on the islands:

  • 1,300,000 girls
  • 3,000,000 women
  • 1,200,000 boys and young men
  • 900,000 adult men
  • 600,000 branded ladymen

The Rapekiller Plague of 2031 killed 2 million men outright. Of the million who branded themselves as rapists and began to transition to a hormonally female form, 400,000 had been killed or committed suicide.

additional notes

There are other ways to get the blood of a sexual conquest, than by a willing exposure.
Absolutely right. If he's a serial rapist and it only takes one unfound woman to kill him, the chances are good that he won't be hurting anyone soon. Remember it's a 3 month delay on the disease trigger.
Murderous rage?
It occurs to me the places when violent rape is an epidemic, women are so devalued that it would be just as easy to take out frustration in killing as raping. Or, (and/or), they do a lot MORE raping during the time they have left, because why not? They already have a death sentence.
It was ugly. Many women fled, barricaded themselves in, or actively defended themselves. It was a bad end to a bad time. The first morning - just hours after the announcement - the first wave of death occurred, with about 130000 men going into anaphylactic shock. Many didn't even know it was coming. There was violence and brutality that day, but the women realized that hiding and defending would be enough to ride it out. There were still millions of men willing to help them, too. That covered all the rapists up to three months before the disease - which were almost all the rapists.
In retrospect it's a Thanosian solution.
Yup. Just wanted to add that to the narrative, because it would make sense.

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