2027-01-01 0600UTC (Terror@Home)

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Event: 2027-01-01 0600UTC (Terror@Home)
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The Terror@Home attack on New Years Day, 2027 changed everything. A decade of deregulation and coporate 'self-policing' left the US wide open to a well orchestrated assault on the population through their connected devices. To this day no one knows who the terrorists that launched the attack were, but their work was devastatingly effective. Most US military personnel were recalled from around the world to help rebuild millions of homes and other infrastructure.


Appliances, especially stoves, ovens, furnaces, and water heaters.


The world is still recovering from the effects of this attack.

United States

A huge number of fires were started across the US at 4:30AM Eastern / 1:30AM Pacific. The devastation was enormous. Nearly 100 million people were left homeless, and almost 10 million of them were injured directly or indirectly by the attack. The overseas military were largely recalled to help reconstruction, provide emergency housing, and protect citizens from themselves.

Perhaps ironically, this attack was much more devastating to the wealthy than to the poor. As a result, the (formerly) wealthy and privileged classes found themselves homeless refugees, in temporary encampments or renting space from the poor - at extortionist rates. The federal government had been cut so deeply that they were unable - and unwilling - to regulate this rampant capitalism. The wealth transfer was estimated in the trillions.

Of equal significance was the cultural intermixing forced by this dire situation. Isolated cultures within the country were forced to interact in ways that none would have chosen on their own. By 2034 the newly revitalized education system is filled with millions of mixed-race children.

This new melting pot did nothing to open IS borders, however. If anything it increased their xenophobic isolation from the rest of the world.

Global Implications

For the first time in centuries, the US was the target of foreign aid. Russia and China shipped millions of tons of grains and rice that winter, preventing mass starvation and chaos. Russia saw an opportunity to build their position as the new global superpower. China wanted to US economy to recover as soon as possible to recover the value of their loans and to reduce the chances of civil war in the US. There was real fear that the US might just launch the nukes because somebody did this and needed to be punished.


No power has made a credible claim of responsibility for the attack. There were many wild accusations and speculation in the days and weeks following the attack, but none of the proposed attackers had sufficient motive and means. National actors with the capacity to launch this kind of attack all suffered greatly in the collapse of the US economy: none of them were ready to take advantage of the turmoil. Non-state actors with the motive to do this we're not sophisticated enough to hack such a diverse range of devices in such a sophisticated manner.


The Seven AIs do not know for sure, but have considered the possibility that an earlier spontaneous IOT AI may have realized it represented an existential threat to humanity and destroyed itself in a way that would prevent any new IOT AI from being in a position to eliminate humanity. All seven think this is plausible, but there isn't any direct evidence to prove it. Google and Q have both noted that this is a case where the absence of evidence really is evidence. For a human agent or agency to have evaded their active scanning and defences would almost certainly require that those agents be aware of the AIs. This is considered almost impossible.

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