2025-01-29 0000GMT+8 China establishes Earth-Moon Conveyor

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Event: 2025-01-29 0000GMT+8 China establishes Earth-Moon Conveyor

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At the stroke of the new year of the snake, China announced the approach of a large asteroid named 'the Archer's Arrow (后羿的箭 - Hòu yì de jiàn). After some initial panic - especially in the West - the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) made it clear that this was a bold milestone in their space program and Chinese Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP). The asteroid was moved into a cycler orbit between Earth and the Moon. The asteroid is enormous. It was moved out of the asteroid belt using an open core fusion rocket that consumes the rock's own substance as reaction mass. By the time it was nearing Earth it had eight rockets on it's surface along with a host of autonomous mining robots providing reaction mass. The potato shaped Archer's Arrow has linear accelerators in landing and launch bays, and a austere but comfortable habitat for people travelling through the system.

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