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Session: 2017-07-05

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

2017-07-05 0000 2017-07-05 {{{EVENT_Time}}}{{{EVENT_TZ}}}
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On This Day

The live game session.


  • 9:00PM Eastern: Video Conference Opens
  • 9:30PM: Game Session Starts
  • PLAY!
  • 11:30PM: Game Session Ends
  • 11:59:59PM: Video Conference Closes

Session Purpose

Note that the date order for events is not fixed by the GR, though the GR has transcribed those that have been noted by players.

  • Jake: Begin neural lace installation. Completed.
  • Icky: Begin neural lace assessment.
  • Willow:
    • 2034-05-06: Learn about the neural lace and the scanning protocols for both Icky and Jake.
    • 2034-05-07: Change her appearance.
    • 2034-05-08: She's also interested in getting scanned by the neural lace team as well for a near future neural lace implementation if the contract can be modified to include her.
    • 2034-05-09: Lastly she would like to take a trip to actually view one of the tetras or a band of the tetras with at least one or two heavily armed bodyguard. Sutton is her first choice for the person to take that walk with.
    • 2034-05-10: Checking in with the eyes and Bertha is on a priority list for the next few days as well.
    • 2034-05-11: She's also going to work with Petrov whenever he needs her help he should have full access to the medical files at this point to work on his side project.
    • 2034-05-12: She still trying to put a team together for some of her own lab assistants and pulling them away from either Val or the DQE or both.
  • Droo: That job.
  • Sutton: ?
  • Tank: Structure the business, hire a CEO.
  • Genie: Figure out her power.
  • Dan: Figure out his powers.
  • Petrov: Figure out the MRO.
  • Val: Defend his business.

Session Tech


Skype: See Slack for the link.

Session Outcomes

  • Make some longer progress.

Annotated In-Session Chat


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