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Session: 2017-05-10

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

Characters Locations
Jack Daniels, Kaleb Gomez, Kendall Andrew Duclos, Miranda Bishop, Deke Heppener, Abram Jenkins, Grace Heppener, Red Cooper, Ellen Oronyatekha, Storm Anderson
Caused By Cause Of
Simultaneous Events
On This Day

The live game session.


  • 9:00PM Eastern: Video Conference Opens
  • 9:30PM: Game Session Starts
  • PLAY!
  • 11:30PM: Game Session Ends
  • 11:59:59PM: Video Conference Closes

Session Purpose

(in priority order)

  1. Resolve the potentially murderous mayhem that the party may inflict on itself.
  2. "Who knows? It all depends on the above," replaced by "figure out how to all survive and turn Ellen to ash so we have a chance to survive."

Session Tech



Session Outcomes

Once again quite a lot happened. We spent the first hour dealing with catching everyone up to the current situation. This included where each character is and what they're doing. It also included a brief on what's going on upstairs (on the surface) and elsewhere. There are complex interactions among cultures, geopolitical alliances, corporations, and transhumanist movements. It is not at all clear what will motivate or drive any given stakeholder at this point.

Annotated In-Session Chat


Kaleb got it in his head that he wanted to help make sure Ellen ends up dead. As a non-combatant without armour and being stalked by a super-stealth-assassin running toward the person who wants him dead and the person who will kill hum seems risky, but OK? He sprints in Ellen's direction by way of a turbo-Segway. "I'll Blart the snot outta that!"


Miranda: Actually, I hadn't told julian 
         about the very REAL possibility that 
         Miranda is a lesbian...
         pan sexual.
         or gender neutral

I have no idea.


he is non-compos-mentis

Ellen used her stunt, "Because of my ability to manipulate and reprogram people, once per session I can trigger a programmed ally to do something for me and forget they've done it." Jenkins, along with half the remaining command staff, is seized by Ellen's command to "Protect me!" About 25 people leave immediately. Jenkins freezes up, not following the order, but also not able to do anything more than resist.


The GR couldn't remember the Colonel's name - it's Colonel Islay, by the way - which lead to the following exchange. (I'm guessing about who said what.)

Kaleb: Colonel Corn is holding it down
Kaleb: would that make the 
       command post the "corn hole"
?: it would
Kaleb: although the Marine Corps
       calls then the Command
       Operations Center, AKA COC
Kaleb: so, the corn coc?
Kaleb: y'all are certainly maintaining
       the COC



I'm not sure about this one. Perhaps when Miranda noted that she has a fist full of viral death ready for Storm?


Kaleb shared some helpful images of his current transportation:


more realistically, Kaleb is



Kaleb: Is Jade allergic to aggression????
Jade: generally, not completely
      but he no longer needs a nightlight
?: I have an epipen for that, Jade....
Jade: Hehe
funny to think of him on Turtle

When Ellen summons her minions, Jade is cajoled into action to box them up with his Clanks. His reluctance to act comes as a surprise to his allies.


Not the comfy chair...
my best friend has a couch of apathy
if you sit in it
all hope is lost
and says "wait a Segway?"


The GR described Ellen's minions as a "zombie hoard" which was misheard or mispronounced.

zombie whore???
whore hoard
think both are correct
or whore horde
zombie horde pooptastrophe ?


I'll stick with synthetic, please


What kind of position does droo want to do with ellen?
something about plugging the backdoor?
i think he'd have to roll for that...what's the approach? sneaky? clever? flashy?
(not just because it's my best)
too many comments....... well played


Wasting away again in clankeritaville
why don't we get drunk and clank?
boat clanks?


wait? there's aliens?

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