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Session: 2017-04-26

Scenario: Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness

Characters Locations
Jack Daniels, Kaleb Gomez, Kendall Andrew Duclos, Miranda Bishop, Deke Heppener
Caused By Cause Of
Simultaneous Events
On This Day

The live game session.


  • 9:00PM Eastern: Video Conference Opens
  • 9:30PM: Game Session Starts
  • PLAY!
  • 11:30PM: Game Session Ends
  • 11:59:59PM: Video Conference Closes

Session Purpose

(in priority order)

  1. stuff

Session Tech

We will be using Slack for our game session tonight, so please check out the SlackPractice channel and try out the link. We want to avoid audio and video problems if we can.

Session Outcomes

We'll be making notes about the things that happen in the session - in our character sheets and in Events, Locations, and this page.

Data stored in Special:CargoTables/EVENT with the Form:Events and Template:Events. Pages are in the Events Category.