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Session: 2017-03-29

Scenario: Ultraviolet Emergency Preparedness

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Characters Locations
Abram Jenkins, Deke Heppener, Gareth Chow, Grace Heppener, Jack Daniels, Kaleb Gomez, Kendall Andrew Duclos, Miranda Bishop, Ralston St. John Hereford, Red Cooper, Valentine O'Connor, Director, Adrianna Aparna, Orson Anderson Slack


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On This Day

The fifth session will be live, and picks up with events following the 1300 UTC breakfast.


  • 9:00PM Eastern: Video Conference Opens
  • 9:30PM: Game Session Starts
  • PLAY!
  • 11:30PM: Game Session Ends
  • 11:59:59PM: Video Conference Closes

Session Purpose

I don't have a specific plot line for Ralston at this time.

Session Tech

We will be back on http://Appear.In for video and will be using Slack for our game session tonight.

Session Outcomes

We'll be making notes about the things that happen in the session - in our character sheets and in Events, Locations, and this page.

Appear.IN Transcript

am i allowed to now be creeped out by my sudden job similarities to what julian just said ?

Oh yes. you can always be creeped out by Julian. That's rule 26

Nothing like us working on artificial neurons at work.. to find out that.. julians working on them in the game......

I got the connection...

hey what's the e^pi law of robotics?


what does it mean?

found it, nevermind

it's i*2


IRL Minecraft

works right up until Bertha starts taking control of them....

Cool! AIR SHARKS!!!!!!

"Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine". bertha as seagull.


Agreed, good thing we don't know she's self-aware

her middle name is GRU


Sponge bath


I wonder how much of this I can leverage to freak out the guys at the lab...

  • steeplies fingers*...

open licence I think

Bertha says "thank you for creating my are no longer required"

i have about 400,000 server cores in a cognitive mimicry network, and i control the 'network part.

Yes...but you're soft and squishy

we've already freaked ourselves out a couple times. but now the appeal of being an asshole practical joker is creeping in

cutting off their synapses reverts them to pretty dumb...

ok, we *did* find the code that let the children learn.. or.. well.. gave them a path to learn.

but it was REALLY EXCITING for a bit

Congratulations, # 13.

well, you do owe me a few beer one of these days.....sounds like a good story

its an ongoing story. although i don't expect real excitement for most of the rest of the year again.

holy shit moments aren't frequent. ;)

Into how not to create the Fred Saberhagen Berserker

  1. justsayin

I'm so glad that work was "propaganda"


Early alarm for me tomorrow kids - Thanks for another fun night!

always good

Slack Convos

Please feel free to copy-paste slack discussion here at the four= level (that's heading level 4, when the title has ==== on either side of the words in it).


Figuring out how to catch and contain the tetras.

kaleb [11:21 PM] so

[11:21] we have supersoldiers

adrian [11:21 PM] superwhat?

kaleb [11:21 PM] the antiMormons

adrian [11:21 PM] oh, those weird looking people

[11:22] wasn't sure what was going on there

kaleb [11:22 PM] if you ask me

[11:22] they need more dakka

adrian [11:22 PM] do we have to use them?

kaleb [11:22 PM] someone tag in Val

[11:22] of course we have to use them

[11:22] shock troops are fantastic at creating advantages

[11:23] send them in to wreak havoc, buy us time to do other stuff

gaff347 [11:24 PM] joined #corralthebuggers by invitation from @kaleb

adrian [11:24 PM] yeah, I guess

[11:24] so, what? ultrasonics guns?

[11:25] my old router that wouldn't let me do video conferencing back in 2017, that thing would really fuck up those frequencies

kaleb [11:25 PM] well, if the G2 Clanks have the ability to broadcast overwhelming noise, they can at the very least cut tetra comms

[11:25] best case, it has the effect of being front row at a Maiden show

vampyr [11:26 PM] No no - i need some of the hosts alive....

adrian [11:26 PM] strings work pretty well

[11:26] no/

[11:26] big 3-d fish net

kaleb [11:26 PM] we need soemthing for after they arrive

[11:26] they'll be able to move the strings once they're here

adrian [11:26 PM] If you need to annoy them that much, I guess we can do something

kaleb [11:26 PM] the strings just stop them from poofing in

adrian [11:27 PM] i jamming.....

kaleb [11:27 PM] yeah

adrian [11:28 PM] guns? standing towers? little burst grenades? what do you feel like?

gaff347 [11:28 PM] These things can just appear? Like on the old Star Trek? So, asking about entrances to defend is pointless?

adrian [11:28 PM] I'm not a fan of any of this....

kaleb [11:28 PM] @gaff347 they can poof in, but our string arrays stop that

[11:28] they're likely going to poof into the giant cavern though

adrian [11:28 PM] they don't appear where the strings are but the strings may or may not stop them when they really want to go through them

kaleb [11:29 PM] I'd prefer we have a way of keeping them away from the strings

adrian [11:29 PM] I don't disagree

kaleb [11:29 PM] lethal weapons are a alst resort

adrian [11:30 PM] That's your area.... I'm so done with weapons

kaleb [11:30 PM] but it's pretty clear that these things can kick our asses

adrian [11:30 PM] so, noisy bursts, sweeps, or more controllable?

kaleb [11:30 PM] noisy bursts like little flying flashbangs

[11:31] i like the idea of something akin to a sound wall as well to defend exits

adrian [11:31 PM] I guess I may as well make it controllable with random "noise" as a default

gaff347 [11:31 PM] Myself and my changed family and friends appear to be weapons. if you don't want hot lead raining, at the very least, Jenkins and I could do a fair bit of ripping and tearing

kaleb [11:31 PM] @gaff347 is going to be the expert on physical defense though

vampyr [11:32 PM] Hey can you create these things a lot smaller? For example, if small enough to fly into the tubules that they use for breathing?

adrian [11:32 PM] that's getting into nanotech.... maybe... just lose a lot at that small scale

vampyr [11:33 PM] They would only have to perform one inject them with a engineered virus

gaff347 [11:33 PM] Can we burn them? Has anyone tried? Are the penis-hand things flammable?

adrian [11:33 PM] So, just speaker/transmitters that we can deploy?

vampyr [11:33 PM] or act as a speaker - inside their own head

adrian [11:34 PM] burning penises?

kaleb [11:34 PM] yeah, something like that

adrian [11:37 PM] that's easy stuff. I can start the printer on some simple circuits. Just high frequency control frequency to set the mode and then random bursts of 2.4 and 5 GHz. and noise from 100-100kHz. Maybe you supersoldiers and stuff and put them together? Are you that super? hmmm?

droo71 [11:44 PM] make the strong nondetachable. just grab a robotic claw and pull. you'll end up with a giant tangle of berth-ants.

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